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Refractories and steel industry

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Looking into the steel industry and refractories

Looking into the steel industry we can see that refractories forms not only a key part, but a crucial part of the industry and with it the supply of quality and durable refractory parts.


Refractory materials must be chemically and physically stable at high temperatures in order for them to accomplish the end result requiresd. Depending on the operating environment, they must be resistant to thermal shock and/or be chemically inert. Having specific ranges of thermal conductivity and of the coefficient of thermal expansion are also characteristics that refractory parts may need to have to help make the process as cost efficient as it can be.


Refractories must be chosen according to the conditions they face and along with that a careful calculation of the parts needed to accomplish this. Some applications require special refractory materials, which means specialized refractory suppliers needs to be identified. 


Zirconia is used when the material must withstand extremely high temperatures. Whereas Silicon carbide and carbon (or better known as graphite) are two other refractory materials used in some very severe temperature conditions. They can however not be used in contact with oxygen, as they would oxidize and burn which is a problem that cannot be afforded in any steel factory.


The chemical composition in our steel refractory products are tried and tested with proven results. Durocast is a trusted supplier of refractory parts to the steel industry and understand the pains of the industry.

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