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Known as Workers’ day in South Africa, it is otherwise known as May Day all over the world, most importantly it is a chance to commemorate the workers across the globe, and the contributions they make towards the growth of the nation.

It is a day where those who fought for workers’ rights are remembered.

Workers’ Day has been used to emphasise the need to establish fair labour practices and employment standards.

This year Workers’ Day and month will be celebrated during a very difficult time, especially for workers. We are just coming out of a year filled with different levels of lockdown and many people have lost and still will lose their jobs. So today, on Workers’ Day, we pay tribute to all the workers of South Africa, especially to our frontline workers who provided essential services and kept us safe during this period – our doctors, nurses and other medical staff, members of the Police Services and the SA National Defence Force, as well as workers who provided other essential services, for example our farmers and farm workers, supermarket and chemist staff, staff of security companies and all other workers who provided essential services during this time. We honour and salute you, our unsung heroes – the workers of South Africa!

Workers’ Day does not only celebrate past struggles and victories, but it also serves as a reminder to look at the way we work today and to always strive for a better future.

Let us continue to celebrate and invest in workers beyond just the 01st of May to elevate and improve the working conditions for all and to ensure that we have even greater reasons to celebrate in the future.

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