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Rapid hardening that can be controlled and adjusted to customers’ requirements

• Corrosion resistance
• Abrasion resistance
• Resistance to thermal shock and thermal cycling
• Resistance to high temperatures
• Suitable for low temperature concrete repairs
• Resistant to most organic acids, oils, grease, fats, beer and sugar


• Floor areas around furnaces
• Bunker linings
• Heavy duty industrial floors
• Areas where corrosive materials are stored
• Grouting 
• Servive bays
• Kiln bases
• Ladle stands
• Slag Bunkers
• Strong rooms and safes
• Floors for sugar mills, food processing, abattoirs, tanneries and breweries


• Iron, Steel and Ferrochrome
• Chemical Industry
• Power Stations
• Food Industry
• Motorway repairs 
• Metallurgical Processing
The Duroshield range contains a variety of concretes, gunites, mortars, and grouts. Durocast will gladly advise you on the most suitable and cost effective product for your application. Test facilities and design advice are available.
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