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Durocast is a 100% South African owned and managed company.  It is a leading supplier of refractory, corrosion resistant  and specialised building products. It is Durocast's policy to work closely with clients to obtain optimal solutions to their process requirements and where necessary special products will be manufactured to solve particular problems. 


1987 - Registration of Durocast cc.
1989 - Moved to large factory in Randvaal
2000 - Moved to large premises in Meyerton
2002 - Company Structure change to Durocast (Pty) Ltd
2003 - Registration of Durocast Applied Technologies
2003 - Purchased new premises in Vereeniging, Duncanville
2005 - SABS ISO 9001:2000 Certification
2007 - Received Platinum Safety Award
2009 - Received ISO 9001:2008 Certification
2010 - 60% BEE Rating on Level 5
2011 - 100% BEE Rating on Level 4
2012 - Leased additional warehousing
2013 - Health and Safety 2013 Industry Winner for “Glass, Brick,Tiles & Concrete Industry”.
2015 - Commissioned our new bagging plant
2017 - Commissioned a 150 KVA generator
2018 - Erected a new 10mt overhead crane
2019 - Transition from SABS to SGS ISO Management System


Durocast (Pty) Ltd has been independantly verified by the HR Planning (IT 4383/05) in terms of Broad-Based Black Ecnomic EmpowermentAct No. 53 of 2003 and Government's Black Economic Empowerment strategy as per the Codes of Good Practice released by the DTI 9 February 2007.



Refractory technology is continually advancing and products are becoming more able to withstand extreme conditions. At the same time refractory users are refining their processes and continuously increase the severity of the service environment. 
Durocast is committed to keeping up with these developments. To do this it uses it’s own resources and also draws on outside test facilities where necessary. Testing is initially done in house or at external laboratories and thereafter in service environments. 

A substantial part of Durocast's Research and Development is devoted to joint supplier, customer problem solving. 

For example:


While ultimate choice of refractory remains with user, Durocast assists customers to understand the characteristics of available refractories with a view to improving efficiency of processes and extending service life.


Process change in plants often leads to deteriorating refractory performance. By studying these changes and the refractory wear, Durocast is able to recommend new combinations of refractories or more advanced products better suited to the altered service conditions.


Durocast endeavors to continuously monitor the application of refractories and performance thereof by its clients in an ongoing relationship. Durocast staff are present as often as possible during installation and follow the performance throughout service life providing backup on a continuous basis.


Durocast operates a ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Quality begins with the raw material supplier. Suppliers are audited and ongoing relationships are maintained to ensure that materials of good quality and consistent properties are received. 
Control continues at each processing stage and traceability is maintained throughout the manufacturing process during which samples are taken on a systematic basis. 
These samples are taken to the laboratory where they are tested. The results are used not only to check the product before release but are also reviewed and analysed statistically when necessary to bring about continuous improvement and consistency in product quality. 
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