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Merry Christmas

Durocast would like to THANK all our customers for your loyalty and support throughout 2016.  
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Refractory Mortars

The technology regarding refractory mortars has improved substantially due to the availability of better raw materials and bonding methods. Over the years we have carried out extensive tests on the grading of aggregates and their reaction with different binding systems.
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Durocast has a Alternative Number - Contact us Today!

Durocast Offices situated in Ducanville, Vereeniging and now has a alternative number to contact us on. This means better access, better service, as we believe in customer service. 
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Temperature Parameter for the Installations of Refractory Concretes.

Many times Durocast are contacted by clients regarding the gelling times of Refractory products due to either accelerated or retarded setting problems.Unfortunately this seems to be an ever growing problem within the industry.
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The Challenge

After Durocast decided to sponsor their Soccer team with a new branded soccer kit, a challenge between the Management and the team became the ideal opportunity for a nice teambuilding afternoon.


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Durocast Offline - Contact Us Today!

Durocast Offices situated in Ducanville, Vereeniging is currently offline. We have no access to landlines or internet. 
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Proudly Durocast

Durocast has recently sponsored our staff soccer team with a branded soccer kit.  They are very excited to the future challenges and proudly represent our company at games.
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Durocast Celebrates Arbor Week – 1-7 September 2016

South Africa celebrates Arbor Week in the first week of September annually. The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), as the custodian of forestry in South Africa, is responsible for the campaign.
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Boiler Technology

Water Skirts and Ash Hoppers are often found to be a problem area in boilers.  These areas show much more wear that would be expected.


This happens because normal refractory concrete loses strength in warm wet conditions when the cement bonding phases convert to give a material with much lower strength.


Durocast have developed Duroshield P which has geopolymer bonding which is resistant to conversion.

This is a strong, rapid hardening product which is resistant to clinker build up.  If necessary steel fibers can be added to enhance the impact resistance.


The material is easy to install and can be mixed in a normal pan mixer or installed by pneumatic pump. These  products can be supplied in a coarse or fine grade to meet the application requirement.


Please contact Durocast for more information.



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Happy New Year from all of us at Durocast


When was the last time you did something for the first time?


Make this your year:


|  Nurture important relationships  


|  Eat more chocolate


|  Travel outside your comfort zone


|  Discover you own city in new ways


|  Share your talent with others


|   Make yourself feel significant


|  Be selfish in all the right ways


|  Love your Body as it is


|  Support small businesses


|  Experiment in the kitchen


|  Learn a new skill


|  Chase adventure



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